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Comparative Efficacy of Cystic Ovarian Follicle Ablation and CIDR based Ovsynch in Dairy Cattle

M. Singh M. Honparkhe A. Kumar S. S. Ghuman S. Singhal
Vol 7(5), 175-182

The present investigation was carried out to assess comparative efficacy of transvaginal ultrasound guided ablation of cystic follicle at field level with progesterone based hormonal therapy for treating ovarian cyst. Thirty dairy cattle suffering from cystic follicle were divided randomly in two groups viz. cyst ablation group (n=15) and hormonally treated group (n=15). 8 cows showing normal estrus with duration of 1-2 days were also selected. Following cyst ablation, most of the cows (12/15; 80%) showed spontaneous estrus of normal duration within 9-33 days. Mean duration from cyst ablation to spontaneous estrus was 21.75±2.04 days. Following CIDR removal and PGF2α administration, 86.66% (13/15) cows exhibited estrus between 24-96 hrs followed by ovulation between 12-48 hrs. There were significant (P<0.05) higher concentrations of progesterone and estradiol in cystic follicular fluid as compared to those in normal preovulatory follicular fluid. The pregnancy rate turned out to be 33.33% and 38.46%, respectively, in ablated versus hormonally treated cattle. So, transvaginal ultrasound guided cyst ablation can be effectively used as an alternative non-hormonal method for treating cystic ovarian follicles in dairy cattle.

Keywords : Cystic Ovarian Follicle Dairy Cows Transvaginal Ablation CIDR

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