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Impact of Azolla (Azolla pinnata) as a Feed Ingredient in Commercial Broiler Production

Mahanthesh M. T. Aparna Hebbar H. Kotresh Prasad C. Deepandita Barman Badariprasad P. R. Narappa G. Pradeep Nag B. S.
Vol 8(4), 212-218

The study was conducted during summer season in a private owned organized poultry farm having broiler stock of 4400 one-day-old male vencobb broiler chicks. The experiment comprised of two treatments, wherein birds of first treatment were fed with commercial broiler feed and the birds in second treatment were fed with 70% commercial broiler feed and 30% azolla on W/w basis. Parameters such as average body weight gain (AWG), Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and mortality rate were studied up to 45 days. The increase in 7.1% of AWG in azolla fed birds against the birds fed with 100% commercial feed was observed. Similarly, bird mortality was reduced by 3% in azolla fed birds compared to 100% commercial feed birds. There was a significant increase in FCR in azolla fed birds (1:1.14) against (1:2.14) in 100% commercial feed birds. The total cost of production was also reduced by 25.34% in azolla fed batch against 100% commercial fed birds. The carcass efficiency percentage and chicken taste was good as per consumer opinion. Off smell in and around the poultry farm was almost reduced and the house flies population hardly seen. Hence, high feed cost, high bird mortality rate during summer, off smell and house fly menace can be reduced by cultivation of Azolla in and around poultry farm and fed to the poultry birds.

Keywords : Azolla Meal Broiler Body Weight Feed Conversion Ratio

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