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Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITKs) Used by Farmers of Central Kashmir to Increase Production and Reproduction in Livestock

S. Shubeena A. Hai S. A. Hamdani A. H. Akand
Vol 8(8), 294-302

Indigenous technical knowledge is succor for people to solve most of their problems by using their logic and innovative mind. The shift towards the modern scientific drugs in livestock rearing has decreased the use of ITKs but they are still in use as a first aid to treat various animal diseases. The present study was conducted in Central Kashmir region of the Kashmir division. ITKs are part and parcel for day to day living and livestock rearing in the study area. ITKs were followed for increasing milk production, increasing fertility, retention of placenta, repeat breeding, prolapse, care of new born and for preparation of indigenous livestock products. Use of ITKs is decreasing day by day as the farmers are facing various constraints in their use. The availability of the raw materials is not adequate and accessibility is limited to certain seasons only. There is need for further documentation of ITKs from the every part of the country. Scientific validation of the documented knowledge is very important to harvest full benefit from this valuable asset.

Keywords : Central Kashmir Livestock ITK Production Reproduction

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