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Management of Long Bone Fracture Using Titanium Elastic Pin in Canines

Reshma Jain Bramh Prakash Shukla Sant Prasad Nema Supriya Shukla Daljeet Chabbra Shayam Sagar Karmore
Vol 8(12), 270-278

The present study was conducted on 06 clinical cases of mature dogs irrespective of sex and breed, had long bone fracture with and without bone loss. All the diaphyseal fractures of the long bones were immobilized by an internal fixation technique using Titanium elastic pin. Post-surgery, clinical examination revealed continuous decrease in lameness and increase in weight bearing score from day 14 to 60. Radiographic examination between 15th to 30th day, revealed moderate periosteal reaction in four animals while exuberant periosteal proliferation in two animals. On 60th day complete union of fracture in two animals were noticed. Radiographic examination on 90th day showed union of fracture fragments in all the animals, except in two animals with faint radiolucent line at the site of fracture. Titanium elastic pin ensures the accurate and safe stabilization of diaphyseal fracture of long bone in dog with rapid return of limb activity.

Keywords : Dog Long Bone Fracture Radiographic Examination Titanium Elastic Pin

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