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Ocular Ultrasonographic Biometry of Dogs Bred in India

Dharmendra Kumar P. V. Parikh D. B. Patil Deepak Kumar Tiwari Mehraj u din Dar Shyam Manohar
Vol 8(6), 72-79

The present study was conducted on 135 dogs of age ranging from four months to fifteen years of either sex referred to the department. In all animals, corneal anesthesia was achieved by instilling Proparacaine HCl 0.5% directly on the cornea. Ultrasonographic scanning of eyes was done in sternal recumbency using e-saote My Lab Five VET with linear transducer (7.5-18 MHz) by transcorneal (n=129) and transpalpebral (n=6) approaches. During USG examination, anterior chamber depth, anterio-posterior depth of the lens, latero-medial diameter of the lens, vitreous depth and axial length were studied according to age, breed, sex, left and right eye. Different parameters of eye significantly increased in dogs above five years as compared to below one year age group. Significantly longer anterior chamber depth, vitreous depth and axial length measurement were observed in male dogs compared to females. Vitreous depth of Pug and Boxer showed significant difference as compared to Labrador retriever. Axial length in Dalmatian differed significantly than German shepherd and Labrador retriever. No significant difference was observed in all the parameters between left and right eyes.

Keywords : Biometry Normal Eye Ultrasonography

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