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Effect of Zinc Supplementation on Biometry of Testis in Wistar Rats

Juneet Kour Jonali Devi and Kamal Sarma
Vol 11(12), 44-49

The study was conducted on 72 weaned Wistar male rats for 8 weeks from 4 to 12 weeks of age and they were divided into 3 groups as control: rats fed diet without zinc supplementation, T1 and T2: rats fed diet containing zinc sulphate @ 50mg and 100mg/kg body weight/day, respectively. After induction of proper anaesthesia, the rats were sacrificed and testes were collected from each rat of all the 3 groups on 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks of experiment and tissue pieces were collected. The length, width, thickness and weight of testes were recorded. In the present study it was observed that in zinc-supplemented rats, the biometrical parameters of epididymis were found higher than control group. Biometrical studies revealed that all the measured dimensions (length, width, thickness, weight and volume) showed increasing trend with progression of age. In zinc-supplemented rats, the biometrical parameters i.e., length, width, thickness, weight and volume of testes were found higher when compared to the control group. The study revealed increased T1 values as compared to T2 were found in the later phase of zinc supplementation (mainly 10 and 12 weeks of zinc supplementation).

Keywords : Biometry Testis Wistar Rats Zinc Supplementation

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