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Immunohistochemical Expression of VEGF and BAX Proteins in Induced Atherosclerosis of Aorta in Male Wistar Rats

H. Srinivasa Naik Ch. Srilatha K. Sujatha B. Sreedevi T. N. V. K. V. Prasad
Vol 9(9),130-136

Atherosclerosis is a cardiovascular and fibroproliferative inflammatory disease commonly associated with dyslipidemia. The present study was carried in wistar rats, divided into two groups consisting of 12 rats in each group. Atherosclerosis was induced by addition of 1% cholesterol and 15% saturated oil to 1000 g of standard rat diet and fed to rats for 90 days (Group II). Group I rats fed normal diet for 90 days and kept as control. Endothelial cells, lipid laden macrophages, nucleus and membrane of foam cells, thrombus and structurally modified stromal cells in initiated atherosclerotic lesions has shown distinct immunoreactivity with VEGF and progressive atherosclerotic lesions with endothelial attached thrombus has shown great degree of positivity with BAX protein.

Keywords : Atherosclerosis Aorta BAX Immunohistochemsitry Wistar rats VEGF

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