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Oestrus Induction and Fertility Response in Anoestrus Frieswal Heifers Subjected to Various Treatments

Y. K. Soni Suresh Kumar S. Saha M. Pande R. Prasad J. K. Singh S. K. Verma V. K. Bansal
Vol 8(2), 146-152

The present study was planned to assess the oestrus induction and fertility response in anoestrus Frieswal cross-bred heifers subjected to various treatment protocols as; G1 (n=12) - Intra-vaginal progesterone implant protocol; G2 (n=13) Inj. phosphorus and vitamins A, D, E supplements G3 (n=12) - Inj. GnRH followed by PGF2α, G4 (n=12) - Tab. Clomiphene citrate followed by Inj. GnRH, G5 (n=12) - Oral Levonorgestrel and Ethinylestradiol. Highest oestrus induction response and conception rate was recorded in G1 as 100% and 68.75% respectively, as compared to others. The duration for oestrus exhibition was significantly lower in groups G1, G3 and G4 as compared to others. The blood plasma levels of calcium, phosphorus, copper and manganese were significantly low in anoestrus Frieswal heifers as compared to normal cyclic heifers. Whereas, the levels of cholesterol and zinc did not differed significantly between both the groups. Better fertility response was observed using hormone based oestrus induction protocols.

Keywords : Anoestrus Fertility Frieswal Mineral Oestrus

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