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Outbreak of Intestinal Coccidiosis Due to Eimeria Necatrix in Rajasree Birds: Patho-Morphological and Electron Microscopic Study

G. K. Sawale D. Rambabu Sudhakar Kommu M. S. Bhandurge G. Ramesh M. Lakshman
Vol 8(12), 247-251

Intestinal coccidiosis (Eimeria necatrix) was diagnosed in Rajasree birds of 16 week age presented for routine postmortem examination at Department of Pathology, C. V. Sc., Hyderabad. Clinically, birds showed soiling of feather with faeces around vent, mucoid bloody dropping and mortality of 51 birds out of 448 birds (11.38%) over three weeks period. Gross examination of birds showed pale muscle and severe dehydrated carcass. Intestine, particularly jejunum and ileum was ballooned and dull in colour with petechiae on serosa. Upon opening the intestine, mucosa was thickened and reddish in colour and the lumen was filled with blood tinged exudate. Microscopically, mucosa and sub mucosa of ileum and jejunum showed numerous schizonts along with infiltration of eosinophils and lymphocytes. Direct smear examination of caecal contents from dead birds revealed 2-3 oocyst per high power field with an average length and width around 24.45 m and 18.41, respectively.

Keywords : E. necatrix Histopathology Intestinal Coccidiosis SEM & TEM Rajasree Birds

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