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Per-Vaginal Delivery of a Congenital Hydrocephalic Fetus in a Crossbred Primiparous Heifer- A Case Report

Latief Mohammad Dar Paramjeet Singh Mavi Ghulam Rasool Bhat
Vol 2(2), 258-260

A pregnant crossbred primiparous heifer after completion of first stage of labour was presented to Teaching veterinary clinical complex, GADVASU. Per-vaginal examination revealed right lateral deviation of head with enlarged cyst and poor development of frontal bone. Both the fore limbs were present in the birth canal. Absence of any fetal reflex indicated that foetus was dead. Following epidural anaesthesia and ample lubrication of the birth passage, a stab incision was given on the enlarged cystic mass and large amount of fluid drained out. This rendered sufficient space for manipulation. A moderate degree of traction was applied on head and fore limbs. Finally, a hydrocephalic male calf was delivered. Fetal membranes were removed manually. The dam was provided with rational therapy for a week. Follow up of case revealed uneventful recovery.

Keywords : congenital hydrocephalus foetus heifer

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