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Performance and Economics of Broiler Production Fed Diet Incorporated with Acid Treated Fish Silage

Sushree Sangita Boitai Lakshman Kumar Babu S. Tanuja Anil Kumar Pinaki Samal Arun Kumar Panda
Vol 8(5), 289-294

An experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of dietary incorporation of acid treated fish silage (AFS) on performance and cost economics of broiler chickens during 0 to 6 weeks of age. Control starter (0-3 wk) and finisher (4-6 wk) diets were formulated to meet all the nutrient requirements of broiler chickens. Subsequently two test diets were prepared by incorporating acid treated fish silage at 5 and 10% level. Each diet was offered ad libitum to 3 pens of 20 chicks each in each treatment throughout the experimental period of 0-6 weeks. Dietary incorporation of AFS at either 5 or 10 % level had no influence on body weight gain and feed conversion ratio of broilers during 0-6 weeks of age. However, feed consumption was significantly higher in the birds fed diet incorporated with 5% fish silage compared to that of 10%. The feed cost per kg live weight gain was significantly (P<0.05) lower in the dietary group containing 10% fish silage compared to control diet and 5% fish silage group during 0-6 weeks period. There was a saving of Rs 5.06 per kg live weight gain when 10% fish silage was incorporated on air dry basis compared to control diet. It is concluded that dietary incorporation of acid treated fish silage up to 10% in broiler diet is not only economize the cost of production but also provides a safe methodology to mitigate pollution from fish waste.

Keywords : Broiler Chickens Economics Fish Silage Feed Cost Performance

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