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Physical Characteristics and Morphometric Traits of Buffaloes Reared in Kashmir Valley

Parwaiz Ahmad Dar Azmat Alam Khan Anees Ahmad Shah Tasaduk Wani Ashiq Manzoor
Vol 8(2), 130-136

Present study was undertaken to record the physical characteristics and morphometric traits of buffaloes in Kashmir Valley. Two geographically isolated districts with highest buffalo population viz, Anantnag in South Kashmir and Baramulla in North Kashmir were chosen. Physical characteristics and morphometric traits were recorded from randomly selected 150 animals each from the two districts using random sampling technique and recorded in a pre-structured questionare. Black coat colour (66.68%), black colour of muzzle (77.77%), black colour of eyelid (72.96%) black colour of hooves (71.12%) curved horns (84.07%) oriented backward and upward in 35.56 per cent and backward, upward and forward in 28.16%. Considerable number of animals (52.22%) were having straight forehead followed by convex (46.67%) and dewlap was absent in all animals. All the animals were having horizontal orientation of ear. The navel flap was absent (82.22%). 72.89 per cent animals had bowl type udder, of small size (75.24%), cylindrical shape of teat (85.04%) with pointed tip of teat (65.88%). The overall mean body length, chest girth, height at withers, ear length, horn size recorded were 51.70±0.23, 76.00±0.33, 52.22±0.36, 9.16±0.08, 13.19±0.23 inches respectively. The overall majority of the animals were seen having predominant black coat colour, curved horns, horizontal orientation of ears, straight forehead and absence of dewlap. Most of the animals had cylindrical teats with pointed tip, bowl type and small sized udder, and having not so prominent milk vein.

Keywords : Buffalo Colour Morphometric Traits Physical Characteristics

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