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Seroprevalence of Newcastle Disease Virus in Guineafowl in Live Bird Market Sokoto, Nigeria

B. R. Alkali B. I. Mashi M. D. Usman A. B. Shuaibu A. H. Jibril
Vol 8(5), 83-88

This study used serological method to estimate the level of circulating antibodies against Newcastle disease (ND) in apparently healthy guinea fowl, raised under traditional management system obtained from the major live bird market of Sokoto State, Nigeria. Competitive Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay was used to analyze two hundred and twenty nine (229) sera for Newcastle disease virus antibodies from randomly selected guinea fowls presented at live bird market. Overall, seroprevalence of 40.6 % (93/229) was detected. The male specific prevalence was 41.9 % (83/198) while female specific prevalence was 32.3 % (10/31) detected. Age specific prevalence showed adults guinea fowl to had 44.4 % prevalence while younger ones had 29. 1%. The findings of this study as it’s relate to epidemiology and transmission dynamics of ND is discussed.

Keywords : Guinea Fowl Live Bird Market Newcastle Diseases Sokoto State Seroprevalence

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