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Serotyping of E. coli from Different Sources of Water Supply in Srinagar, Kashmir (India)

Tanveer Ahmad Rather Akram Hussain Shakoor Ahmad Bhat Shahid nazir Shah Mir Shahnawaz Maqbool
Vol 2(2), 176-179

Bacteriological examination of hundred water samples twenty five each from streams, Dal lake, tube wells and community supply water (CSW) in Srinagar was conducted during year 2009. The positivity percentage of samples obtained from streams, Dal lake, tube wells and CWS for coliforms was 100, 100, 92 and 56 respectively. The 60 isolates of E. coli were serotyped at NSECRI, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh. The results indicated that 56 (93.33%) of the isolates were grouped into 22 different (O)-groups and other four strains were rough type. The most predominant serogroups were O152, O84, O86, O2, O78, O157, O141, O59, O63, O109, O09, O13, O91, O164, O45, O120, O88, O25, O3, O24 and O56. One strain of O157 which causes hemolytic uremic syndrome was recovered from samples from stream water, while two other strains were recovered from Dal Lake. None of the samples from tube wells or/CWS showed the presence of O157. The recovery of different pathogenic strains of E. coli from different water sources poses a great threat to human health.

Keywords : coliforms E. coli serotype

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