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A Study on the Prevalence of Bacillus Cereus Emetic Strains in Burfi In and Around Srinagar City of Kashmir

Altaf Musvi Asif Iqbal Manzoor Ahmad Rayaz Chouhan Ahmad Yasir Hafeez Syed Arshid Shahana Tramboo Mehboob Willayet Shakoor Bhat
Vol 2(2), 165-175

The present investigation pertains to the starch adulteration of Burfi (a popular milk product consumed in Jammu and Kashmir), along with the study of prevalence and toxigenicity studies of Bacillus cereus emetic strain isolates of Burfi in Kashmir valley. The investigation was conducted during October 2009-June 2010. A total of 25 samples of Burfi were tested. Starch/rice flour was detected in 5 samples which only revealed Bacillus cereus emetic strains on isolation, making a prevalence of 20 percent contamination of Bacillus cereus emetic strain in Burfi available in and around the Srinagar city. Different areas of the Srinagar city differed with respect to starch adulteration as well as contamination of Bacillus cereus emetic strains. Central, north and east zones had the highest percentage of positive samples of starch as well as Bacillus cereus emetic strain (20% each). The field isolates and the standard strain of Bacillus cereus had similar cultural, morphological and biochemical characteristics.

Keywords : Burfi Bacillus cereus emetic strains Prevalence standard strain (NCTC 11143)

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