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Molecular Characterization and Detection of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in E. coli Isolated from Stray Dogs

Mrunalini M. Pawade Prashant P. Mhase Shridhar D. Budhe Sneha H. Daphal Prerana R. Shelke
Vol 9(2), 197-203

This study investigated the presence of some virulence and antibacterial resistance genes in E. coli isolates from stray dogs. Antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from stray dogs can be considered a potential threat of infection for the human population. Particularly the peoples who are in close contact with such stray dogs are at the most risk. Our objective in the present study was to isolate the E. coli from the faeces of the stray dogs and to study the resistance pattern as well as the virulent gene associated with it. In present study, total 42 rectal swabs were collected aseptically in a sterile bottle and transferred to laboratory. Total 18 of the E. coli were isolated in all. Antibiotic sensitivity assay was conducted with total 10 different antibiotics and the results showed highest sensitivity towards Enrofloxacin (72%) followed by Ceftriaxome (63%), Ciprofloxacin (54%) Gentamycin (45%), and Chloramphenicol (36%). Multiple drug resistance was observed towards tetracycline (81%), Ampicillin (63%), Amoxicillin-clavulinic acid (36%), Penicillin (27%) and Streptomycin (27%). Almost all 18 of E. coli isolated from rectal swabs of dogs were resistant to one or more antimicrobial agents respectively. The multidrug resistant strains of E. coli isolates were further examined for expression of tet (A) and tet (B) genes with published primer sequence. Majority of multidrug resistant strains E. coli isolated expressed tet (A) gene in 11(61%) and tet (B) in 05(28%) isolates. From the E. coli isolates, virulent gene stx1 was expressed in 02 samples and stx2 was expressed in 05 samples. In conclusion, this study highlights the role of E. coli in stray dogs in terms of its virulent and antibiotic resistant genes.

Keywords : Antibiotic Resistance E. coli Stray Dogs Virulent Gene

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