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Assessment of Perceived Economic Impact of Flood among the Livestock-Rearers of Odisha

Jeebanjyoti Behera Sujeet Kumar Jha Sanjit Maiti Sanchita Garai
Vol 10(11), 85-92

The impact of the flood on the farming community has recently an important subject to be assessed to improve the economic condition of the farmers. The present study was conceptualized to identify and assess the economic impact of the flood as perceived by the livestock-rearers on their livestock rearing and livelihood security. Ex-Post Facto Research Design has been used for the present study. A total of 120 livestock-rearers, selected by using a simple random sampling method from two districts namely, Dhenkanal and Balasore of Odisha were interviewed and perceived economic impact to flood index was followed for the quantification of the economic impact of the flood. Decrease in crop production due to flood was the most severe impact due to flood as perceived by the livestock-rearers of the overall study area. Majority of the respondents (53.33%) of the study area perceived that crop production was fully affected. The study also established that the severity of impact increased with the increase in the degree of flood-proneness.

Keywords : Economic Impact Flood Livestock-rearers Odisha

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