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Effect of Supplementation of Indian Ginseng Withania Somnifera and Synbiotic on Protein Efficiency Ratio in Broilers Chicks

Sonal Thakur Tribhuwan Sharma Radhey Shyam Arya Vijay Kumar Agrawal
Vol 8(4), 229-234

The present study was conducted in Venncobb broilers chicks to explore the effect of supplementation of Withania somnifera and synbiotic on protein efficiency ratio (PER). A 42 day feeding trial was conducted on 360 broiler chicks randomly divided into 8 treatment groups of three replicates each under standard managemental conditions with broiler starter (0-21 day) and broiler finisher (21-42day). The T1 group was kept as control whereas T2-T4 were supplemented with 0.5%, 1% and 1.5% Withania root powder; T5 and T6 were supplemented with 0.025% and 0.050% synbiotic and T7 and T8 were fed on diet containing 0.25% Withania+0.025% synbiotic and 0.50% Withania+0.05% synbiotic, respectively. Weekly feed intake and body weight was recorded with the help of electronic weighing balance. The cumulative PER varied between 2.50 (T1) to 2.93 (T3). PER was observed to be highest (p<0.05) in broilers fed 1% and 1.5% ashwagandha root powder than those of control and synbiotic fed groups at the end of 42 day trial. Thus the present study concluded that 1% W. somnifera significantly enhances the PER in broilers.

Keywords : Broiler Protein Efficiency Ratio Synbiotics Withania somnifera

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