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Estimation of Cadmium and Lead in Sardinella longiceps by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS)

J. Keerthana Geethika. A. Prasad. C. K. Krithiga N. Divakaran Nair
Vol 7(6), 198-201

The present study was conducted to examine the contamination of the cadmium and lead in Sardinella longiceps (Mathi fish) in marine water. Rapid industrialization in India causes increased solid or liquid waste contamination in nearby natural water. We were used flame atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) technique for determination of the concentration of the cadmium and lead in bones and muscles of six different groups of fish bought it from in and around Thrissur, each gruops contain six numbers of fish. The concentration of the Cd and Pb in bones and muscles were less than the WHO recommended values. As these heavy metals are not degraded in the body, they will accumulate within the body and causing serious threat to humans and animals. Bioavailability and hence bioaccumulation of heavy metals in fish species depends on seasonal conditions causing different risks to human health during the lifetime. So, the periodical checking of water for heavy metals in different areas and different parts of the fish is recommended.

Keywords : Heavy Metals Cadmium Lead Bioaccumulation Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Fish

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