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Heavy Metal Residues in Soil and Water of North-24 Parganas (West Bengal) and its effect on Chevon Quality

G. Mahapatra S. Biswas D. Bhattacharya G. Patra
Vol 9(8),145-153

Heavy metal toxicity is a major form of environmental pollution. Their tendency for bio-accumulation and bio-magnification in the food chain affects human health. An investigation was carried out in North-24-Parganas of West Bengal. Soil, water and chevon samples were collected from targeted areas over a span of six months and were analyzed for the presence of lead, arsenic, iron and zinc applying atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Soil samples revealed high concentration of iron and zinc whereas water samples indicated high concentration of iron and arsenic. These levels did not impact the overall edible quality of meat because concentration of lead and arsenic were below detection limits and concentration of iron and zinc were mostly below maximum permissible limit. Thus advocating, chevon quality from goats reared in areas having high heavy metal residual content is largely within acceptable limits, however continuing elevation of levels may cause reverse impact in future.

Keywords : Arsenic Chevon Iron Heavy Metal Lead Micro-Nutrients Zinc

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