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Haemato-Biochemical Evaluation of Ketamine or Butorphanol as Analgesic in Xylazine and Propofol Anaesthesia in Canine Ovariohysterectomy

Kumari Chandrakala Arvind Kumar Sharma Laxmi Kumari Raju Prasad Kaushal Kumar Singh Praveen Kumar
Vol 7(7), 146-152

The objective of present study was to evaluate the haematobiochemical profiles following administration of ketamine or butorphanol as preanaesthetic analgesic in xylazine -propofol anaesthesia in elective ovariohysterectomy procedure. All dogs were divided randomly in to two groups of five animals in each and designed as Group I and Group II. Atropine sulphate was injected s/c @ 0.04 mg/kg b.wt. 5 min. prior to each treatment in the animals of both the groups. Group I, received xylazine @ 1 mg/kg bwt IM and Ketamine @ 3 mg/kg b.wt, IM whereas, animals of group II were administered with xylazine @ 1 mg/kg b.wt. IM and Butorphanol @ 0.2 mg/kg b.wt, IM. Surgical anaesthesia was induced by administration of propofol “to effect” 15 min after preanaesthetics and maintenance of anaesthesia was carried out for 30 min (Maximum operative time to complete ovariohysterectomy procedure) with continuous rate infusion technique of propofol @ 0.3 mg/kg/min. Lymphocytopenia and relative neutrophilia was the consistent findings; where as other haematological parameters did not revealed any significant changes. The biochemical parameters (BUN, creatinine, ALT and AST) were non-significantly variables, whereas, hyperglycemia was the noticed at 1 hr interval in both the groups. Changes in total protein were transiently variable. In conclusion, transient variables were within the physiological limits have been reported following ketamine or butorphanol as preanaesthetic analgesic in xylazine and propofol induced anaesthesia which further maintained with continuous rate infusion of propofol @0.3 mg/kg/min. Hence, these combinations of anaesthesia can be used safely in compromised animal and clinically healthy animals.

Keywords : Bitch Butorphanol Haemato-Biochemical Changes Ketamine Propofol Ovariohysterectomy

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