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Molecular Variants of FecB and BMP15 Fecundity Genes in Sheep (Ovis aries)

A. D. Asharani M. M. Appannavar H. M. Yathish M. S. Hussain Vivek R. Kasaralikar M. D. Suranagi
Vol 8(8), 185-195

The study was undertaken with an objective of detecting genetic variants of FecB and BMP15 genes using PCR-RFLP analysis. DNA of acceptable quality was isolated from blood samples of 30 each randomly chosen Kenguri and Kenguri x NARI Suwarna strain of sheep. Using gene specific primers, 190 nucleotides of FecB and 434 nucleotides of BMP15 gene was amplified. FecB/AvaII analysis in Kenguri x NARI Suwarna strain of sheep has revealed B+ and ++ genotypes with a respective frequency of 0.766 and 0.233. Similarly, BMP15/StuI analysis identified AB and AA genotypes with a frequency of 0.766 and 0.233, respectively. In Kenguri sheep, FecB/AvaII and BMP15/StuI polymorphism study revealed only ++ and AB genotypes, respectively. Analysis for population parameters revealed moderate PIC (0.3746 to 0.3576), 0.7407 to 1.000 heterozygosity, 0.4664 to 0.500 allelic diversity. The study revealed the introgression and presence of molecular variants of FecB and BMP15 genes in sheep.

Keywords : Kenguri NARI Suwarna Nucleotide Variablities Reproduction Twinning

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