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Prevalence and Seasonal Variation of Ovine Platyhelminth Parasitism in Ganderbal Area of Kashmir Valley

M. Shahnawaz R. A. Shahardar Z. A. Wani S. A. Bhat S. N. Shah
Vol 2(1), 184-191

Six hundred faecal samples and fifty five slaughtered/dead sheep were examined to determine the prevalence of platyhelminthes of sheep in Ganderbal district of Kashmir valley. Overall prevalence of platyhelminths was 32.36% with trematodes and cestodes in 20.91 and 15.26% animals respectively. Moniezia spp. was the most prevalent platyhelminth (12.82%) followed by Dicrocoelium spp. (11.45%), paramphistomes (6.56%), Fasciola spp. (5.34%), Stilesia spp. (3.20%) and Avitellina spp. (0.45%). Seasonal variation revealed non significantly higher infection during winter (39.26%) followed by spring (34.54%), summer (29.69%) and autumn (25.92%). Higher infection rate was recorded in adults (34.15%) and female sheep (33.99%) than lambs/hoggets (29.48%) and males (29.71%).

Keywords : Platyhelminth Sheep Prevalence Kashmir Valley

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