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Univariable Risk Factors Analysis of Subclinical Mastitis in Holstein Friesian Cross Bred Cows

Subbiah Krishna Kumar Muthusamy Ranjithkumar A. S. Pandian
Vol 7(7), 98-103

A cross sectional study was carried out to investigate the prevalence of sub clinical mastitis in dairy cattle and associated risk factors in western zone of Tamil Nadu. A sum of 77 lactating cows of different breeds, parities and lactation stages of 13 smallholder farms were sampled. Milk samples from 77 animals and 308 udder quarters were tested for subclinical mastitis by using a California mastitis test (CMT). Risk factors were also recorded during sampling. The results showed that 53 cows out of 77 representing 68.8 % were CMT positive for subclinical mastitis in the study area. At the quarter level, out of 308 lactating quarters tested 121 (39.2%) were positive to CMT. In binary logistic regression model parity, left fore, right hind, left hind quarter had a significant influence on the prevalence of subclinical mastitis. The study concludes that high prevalence of subclinical mastitis in smallholder dairy farms in north western zone of Tamil Nadu was recorded and risk factors like parity and type of udder played a major role.

Keywords : Bovine Subclinical Mastitis California Mastitis Test Risk Factors Holstein Friesian

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