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Effect of Replacement of Maize with Dry Bakery Waste with or without Lysophospholipid in Broiler Diet

B. R. Prabhale B. N. Ramteke G. M. Gadegaonkar S. D. Ingole
Vol 9(6), 204-208

The trial was conducted on 240-day-old broiler chicks for a period of six weeks. The day old chicks were randomly divided into four equal groups viz. T0, T1, T2 and T3 comprising of 60 birds each, which was further sub-divided into three replicates of 20 birds each. Group T0 was control and received corn-soybean based diet. The birds from groups T1 received diet in which maize was replaced with dry bakery waste at 50% level. The birds from group T2 and T3 received diet in which maize was replaced with dry bakery waste at 50% level with 0.05 and 0.1% lysophospholipid, respectively. The replacement of maize with dry bakery waste with or without lysophospholipid @ 0.05 and 0.1% level in the broiler diets showed significantly (P<0.05) higher live body weight and live weight gain. The feed consumption was significantly (P<0.05) higher and better FCR was observed in treatment group. Also, significant difference (P<0.05) were observed in carcass studies like dressing percentage (P<0.05) but giblet weight showed no significant difference. The serum lipid profile was comparable among all the experimental groups. The net profit from group T3 was found to be highest followed by T2 and T1 as compared to control.

Keywords : Broiler Birds Dry Bakery Waste Emulsifier High Fat Performance Unconventional Feedstuff

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