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Effect of Supplementation of Palm Kernel Meal with and without Enzyme on the Performance of Japanese Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica)

M. Mahammad Ali D. Narendra Nath K. Nagaraja Kumari B. Eswara Rao
Vol 9(7), 189-195

A study was conducted to assess the influence of palm kernel meal (PKM) inclusion with and without enzyme supplementation on growth performance and production cost of Japanese quail. A total of 180 day-old Japanese quail chicks were individually weighed and randomly allotted into six treatment groups with three replicates containing ten birds each. Six experimental diets were prepared as 0 (control), 15 and 20% incorporation of PKM respectively with and without enzyme addition. Feed intake, body weight, body weight gain, feed conversion ratio (FCR) production economics were studied and analysed in a 3×2 factorial method. Body weight gain, feed intake were not influenced by either PKM or enzyme supplementation. Whereas better (p<0.01) FCR was observed in diets with 15% PKM with addition of enzyme. Cost of production per Kg live gain was low (p<0.01) in PKM included groups and lowest production cost was observed (p>0.01) at 15% PKM with enzyme supplementation. It can be concluded that PKM supplemented with enzymes can be incorporated up to 15% in quail diets without any adverse effects on performance.

Keywords : Enzyme Japanese Quail Palm Kernel Meal Performance

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