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Performance of Gangatiri Cattle Rearing in Field Condition

Puspendra Kumar Singh Gopal Sankhala Pramod Kumar Singh
Vol 7(3), 142-148

Gangatiri, a dual purpose cattle breed native of tract falling between Ganga and Ghaghara rivers known as Duaba belt. The assessment of productivity and profitability of Gangatiri cattle rearing in field condition has greater importance in light of fact that it is mainly reared by resource limited farmers for securing their livelihood needs. The present study was undertaken in native tract of Gangatiri cattle in Uttar Pradesh. This study gives an insight about the actual performance of Gangatiri cattle in field condition so that necessary action can be taken for making its rearing more economically efficient. The average milk production efficiency, average net profit, average lactation length, average estimated dry period and average calving interval were 2.93 liters/day/animal, 1637 Rs./animal/year, 187.80 days, 176.60 days and 379.04 days, respectively. The performance and profitability of Gangatiri cattle put their owners into medium category. However, wide variation in the performance and profitability of Gangatiri cattle indicated good scope of improvement in all aspects of management.

Keywords : Resource Poor Farmers Productivity Economic Efficiency Indigenous Cattle

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