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Studies on Efficacy of Combined Therapy of Polyherbal Drugs and Mineral Preparations against Anoestrus in Bovine

P. M. Mane V. D. Aher A. M. Syed P. B. Ghorpade
Vol 8(8), 267-272

The study was conducted to evaluate efficacy of polyherbal and mineral drug for the treatment of this anoestrus in bovine. The trial was conducted at Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex, College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Parbhani and some of the local farms in and around Parbhani district. Twenty anoestrus affected animals were treated with Estrona Forte Bolus and Minarex Bolus. In the present study, out of twenty animals treated, sixteen were exhibiting proper signs of oestrus i.e. 80.00 per cent efficacy and the time interval for onset of oestrus was recorded from the initiation of treatment up to the onset of first behavioral sign of oestrus was 12.06 ± 0.75 days. The study concluded that, combined therapy of polyherbal heat inducer and mineral supplementation, proved to be effective for the treatment of anoestrus and induction of oestrous in bovines.

Keywords : Anoestrus Mineral Supplementation Polyherbal Drug

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